‘The Contention’: Henry Vi, parts 2 & 3

Les Foules are partnering with Two Gents Productions to develop two new productions collaboratively, based on Shakespeare’s Henry VI, parts 2&3.

The plays are currently in development for touring, and we have received invitations from King’s College to participate in their Shakespeare 400 celebrations (Spring), from Tara Arts to present our work in their refurbished theatre (June), and from the World Shakespeare Congress to be part of their post-congress program of activities (August).

Henry VI parts 2 & 3 mark our first foray into the History Play genre. The play’s subject matter – medieval English History – poses new challenges for us. We want to disturb the tradition that fixes these plays within white, male, patriarchic & historicising notions of Englishness by imbuing them with a new, unfixed, cross-cultural & international sense of identity.

photos of Les Foules at Two Gents Showcase, March 2015 by Ellie Pinney