As the sun sets and the ice melts, two and a third women serve up a double dose of prose that hops from the Arctic Circle to the US and back again. A horticulturalist dreams of columbine and rue in the everlasting northern light of day as the world appears to teeter on the edge of its own icecaps. Further South, a woman dips her toes in the dark arts and muses on the magic of blackness, riffing on occultism and the self via a 21st century cracked mirror. A third frets over sightlines from the sidelines and directs.


with: Nathalie Adlam, Giselle LeBleu Gant, Cameron Harle, and Kathleen Stavert

St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival

Studio Multimedia du Conservatoire

June 11th at 19.30
June 12th at 17.15
June 13th at 18.00
June 15th at 21.15 
June 17th at 16.15 
June 18th at 21.30 


Tickets: $12