Alaska, 66° north, or just shy of it.

Childhood buddies Brett and Kathy confront a fissured friendship at the fossil-fuel frontier of the Arctic.

As executive Kathy moils for oil at the top of the planet, Brett undertakes a journey to the ice and sifts through the sediments of collective pasts and impossible futures.

Up here the day doesn’t start over every day.

tons of character, featuring some Coen Brothers-esque deadpan humour and oddball characters”

“a complex and labyrinthian fable, with inventive flair”  –theatrebubble

“the premise is interesting, the language poetic and the performances confident”  -British Theatre Guide

there is a charming quirkiness about it, I felt like I was transported into a combination of Twin Peaks and Fargo, and the cast is very good”               

Dramaturgy Peter Wiedmann

Direction Nathalie Adlam

Assistant Director/Stage Management Cassandra Fumi

Design Betsy Dadd 

Lighting Sarah Crocker

Sound Tom Maclean

Cast Nadège Adlam, Norma Butikofer, Lennard Sillevis Bryan Tynan