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28th May – 15 June, 7:30pm

£12/£8 Tickets:

A banished lover; an unfriendly wager; an imperial invasion.

Invasion threatens and war looms as Cymbeline refuses to pay tribute to a foreign empire. But rebellion has also been brewing in his own backyard.  Imogen, Cymbeline’s daughter, flouts the wishes of her father and his cruel new wife by rejecting a clottish fiancé and secretly marrying her childhood sweetheart, Posthumus. Determined to remain true to herself amidst the dizzying conundrums of a father’s tyrannical will, a husband’s distrust, and a stranger’s mysterious machinations, Imogen disappears into an uncertain wilderness to escape a plot that thickens at every turn. As the tightly wrought mysteries begin to unravel, a whole society is revealed to be other than what it appears.

Weaving a folkloric tapestry of tale within a tale within a tale, Cymbeline is Shakespeare’s most enigmatic, adventurous, and post-modern construction.

Today Cymbeline’s mix of tragedy and comedy, romance and politics, magic and grit are just the kind of storytelling to which we are all well attuned.

Les Foules Theatre brings its absurdist joie de vivre to the table in this rough and tumble production animated by live music and soundscapes and vivid projections.

Creative Team

Nathalie Adlam, Artistic Director: Adlam trained as a director at Drama Centre London, and has been teaching and directing at Central School of Speech and Drama for over 6 years on the MA Acting course. She has worked as director on Henry IV parts 1 & 2, Merchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing and The Winter’s Tale in the Webber Douglas Studio. She set up Les Foules in 2011 to create works that focus on inventive readings of classical texts, and which use the multi-disciplinary skills of cast and create atmospherically dynamic worlds. Previous projects with Les Foules include a dance piece of Racine’s Britannicus and a devised piece inspired by the American Southern Gothic called Boxed and Bagged for the Bush Theatre and Theatre Delicatessen.

Peter Wiedmann, Associate Director: Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Peter trained at Central School of Speech and Drama, and has worked as a performer and musician across the US, South America, Europe, and West Africa. He is a founding member of Les Foules, and on previous projects he has worked as performer, musician, and writer.

Nick Africano, Music Director: Nick Africano is a songwriter, performer, producer, and founder of Happy Hypocrite Productions in New York City. Nick tours extensively at home in the US and internationally, and when is not on the road collaborates with many other artists in NYC as a songwriter, producer, and guitarist. Nick’s recent album, The Butterfly Bull (2012), was described by NY press as “a tour de force, both passionately haunting and beautifully melancholic…Combining the best of folk and soul with sublime storytelling.”

Mafalda Cruz, Art Director: Cruz is a creative artist who has worked in theatre, TV, opera, and movies all over Europe. Trained as a sculptor, her work includes scenic and sound design, photography, animation, and illustration.

Alice Jordan, Choreography: Trained in Laban, Jordan is a dancer, director choreographer, and actor who has worked in theatre and movies in the UK and for the National Theatre of Iceland. She choreographed BAFTA-nominated Best Short film ‘Good night’ by director Muriel Ansembourg (Jury Award, Palms Springs-International Short Film and Winner of International California Independent Film Festival).

Noelle Claude, Costume Design:

Cast Includes:

Larissa Archer

Tom Campion

Richard Fish

Ioan Gwyn

Cameron Harle

Ed Sheridan

Kathleen Stavert

Sam Trueman