Boxed and Bagged

It’s 1969, Mississippi. As recently departed Augusta C. Whitfield  journeys to her final resting place, her belongings and possession languish in limbo. Six characters riff sweetly on the business of death.

An immersive work devised specifically to be performed in the stairwell of The Bush Theatre as part of Theatre Delicatessen’s festival, Bush Bazaar.

“While mounting the staircase I found myself in the midst of a 1960s drama entitled Boxed & Bagged. I was gently guided up and down the stairs by the actors who masterfully told their story, played music and dealt with the confused and curious passers-by who were using the space simply (or perhaps naively?) to get from one floor to the next.” ★★★★-What’s On Stage

“This was one of the more satisfying of experiences…[Boxed and Bagged] transports the backstage staircase into the American deep south.”                               ★★★★-The Telegraph

Director – Nathalie Adlam
Devised and performed by – Tyler Graham, Isla Lindsay, Kathleen Stavert, Rob Tucker, and Peter Wiedmann