Weaving a folkloric tapestry of tale within a tale within a tale, Cymbeline is Shakespeare’s most enigmatic, adventurous, and post-modern construction. Les Foules Theatre brings its absurdist joie de vivre to the table in this rough and tumble production animated by live music and soundscapes and vivid projections.

“This is Shakespeare, but not quite as you know it. Cymbeline is inventive, fast-paced and brave -a breath of fresh air.”                                                                         -Views From the Gods ★★★★ read full review

“Cymbeline is a well-directed and well-acted success.”  -The Upcoming ★★★★ read full review

“…this production shows the art of theatre.”  -Remotegoat ★★★★★ read full review

“An atmospheric production. Fine performances that bring Shakespeare’s language to life.”  -Everything Theatre ★★★ read full review

 Dr. Samuel Johnson in 1765 on Shakespeare’s Cymbeline:
This play has many just sentiments, some natural dialogues, and some pleasing scenes, but they are obtained at the expense of much incongruity. To remark the folly of the fiction, the absurdity of the conduct, the confusion of the names and manners of different times, and the impossibility of the events in any system of life, were to waste criticism upon unresisting imbecility, upon faults too evident for detection, and too gross for aggravation.